chained_tart (chained_tart) wrote,

If your playing me keep it on the low..

Umm usual saturday update about friday night n all those people who are suddenly to kewl for lj get over urselves n start updating!!! Pretty good night last night, everyone was out n there was lots of cam-whoring going on. N some people suchas lee were sooo drunk they couldnt spell SOBER. Howd u spell it with an N? haha:P
Didnt quite make a fool of myself with my dumb comments like the week before- fight starts..sum1's pushed int o fire alarm n sets it off.. but o no far to simplistic for me "OMG they have fight alarms howd they work? there a lil button behind the bar or is there like laser beams that detect it? n if thas the case howd they kno whether some1s playing fighting, dancing or whether there actually fighting?" such a air head!
Richie walton bit my hand n tried to bite my nose off hmmm wots tha all about? lol i love drunkards.
Not gunna mention scott coz hes mean n besides hes to kewl for lj!!!
I got my new phone yesturday..score!! bored already c u all soon xxxx
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